Senior Year: And It Begins

As I begin my last semester of on campus undergraduate college, I wanted to share a couple things with you guys.

The first is that community is so good. So, so good. I realize now how much I missed it over the summer and I pray that I will learn how to seek it out intentionally. I am a very introverted person, so “community” is, in general, a very scary thing, but I am learning how to love it very much. It happens in the house I’m living in, the buildings where my classes are held, the church I attend, chapel services I frequent, among many other times. I have decided to make an effort to seek it out, embrace it, and trust it more this semester, next semester, and on into the future. I need it.

The second is that God knows what he’s doing. Today at church we sang a song that repeated the line: “You make all things work together for my good.” I couldn’t sing it after I realized what I was saying. God literally makes all things work together for my good! It doesn’t seem like it when my room is a mess and I don’t have enough room to put anything and our closet doors are broken and while the house is pretty nice, I have a long walk to class and work. But it is the truth. He makes all things work together for my good. All things. All things work together for my good and His glory. If I’m pursuing his glory, my good will come out of that. Even if it doesn’t look like my good. It is. Because He is good.

My friend Hannah is the RA in the house I’m living in this semester. She likes to make really cool crafts, and I noticed a mixed-media piece she did when I visited the dorm she lived in last year. I was glad to see that same piece in our house when I moved in yesterday, and pleasantly surprised as to where she hung it — right beside my room. Here’s the piece; you’ll understand why I was blessed to know I’ll see it everyday!

Hannah's piece: Grace Upon Grace