A World of Discoveries

I have been in Chiang Mai, Thailand for about a day and a half so far, and God is already showing up.

The Thai Air in-flight magazine is called Sawasdee (which means “Hello”) and it’s tagline is “Welcome to a world of discoveries.” I had flown Korean Airlines from Atlanta to Seoul and Seoul to Bangkok, but I had Thai Air for my domestic one-hour flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I was surprised to see the magazine sitting there perfectly in the seat-back pocket in front of me, but even more surprised to see the tagline prominently displayed. Welcome to Thailand.

When I got to the place I’ll be staying this first week, I found that one of the sweet teachers I’m living with wrote me a note welcoming me with a Bible verse on it. Isaiah 58:11 reads “The Lord will guide you always…” He is consistently guiding me, even throughout my journeys. He is my tour guide, my discovery leader, my expedition trekker. He leads my discoveries and “…He will satisfy all [my] needs.”

Discovery is my OneWord for 2014. And, even now, the first week of January, God is showing me that he will guide me. He will not let go. He will guide. And he will guide unto discoveries of that which is good and noble and right and praiseworthy.

Welcome to a world of discoveries waiting to happpen and the God who desires to make his name known through his guidance in this world.


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