About Love


Ladies, wait for the man who speaks truth over you. Wait for the man who echoes what your good Father God says to you. Wait for the man who selflessly gives of himself to you (and to others) without being asked. Wait for the man who loves people, whether in an introverted or an extroverted way. Wait for the man who is passionate about his love, care, and concern for you. Wait for the man who loves you.

There was a point in my life when I felt that I was not worthy enough to be loved. I thought I would never be acknowledged, understood, or accepted. But God (those are my two favorite words) started chipping away at my defenses and showed me that he is holding me and caring for me and pushing me to be my very best. He became an anchor for my soul – a good Father and a safe friend.

When I finally listened to what God was saying about me, and I embraced my innate worth as His child, I was then ready to date. When I learned who I am in Christ and a person, I was able to consider moving from “me” to “we.” It took falling more in love with my Savior first to be able to love another human being.

See, my fiance is an imperfect man, but he is an imperfect man who seriously loves me. I know his love is true because he tells me the same things that God does. He speaks truth over me in the same way: reminding me for the millionth time that I am beautiful, worthy, innately valuable, acknowledged, understood, accepted, cared for, and held.

Ladies, a man who does not speak God’s truth over you is not a man you should marry. A man who belittles you, hurts you without apology, ignores you, and does not consider you is not a man you should marry. At the same time, a man who has no life outside of you is also not a man you should marry. A man who spends all his time catering to your needs is also not marriage material.

What I love most about my fiance is that he loves other people and he loves God. He pours into our students at our school and the children at our church. He pours into his siblings. He is an extremely hard worker.

God has placed a man who loves well in my life, and I am forever grateful to spend the rest of my life with him.



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