Something Perfect

A few years ago, about this time of year, God spoke very clearly to me that He was in control. I was devastated over the loss of something I desperately wanted.  God had removed it from my life, which made me feel completely broken and destroyed. 

But then he spoke to me. He said that his goal is to bring about my good and his glory. He said that by removing what I thought I wanted, he could make room for what was truly his best for me. 

In due time, God’s best for me appeared. And it is perfect for me, in the way only God’s best can be. I’m amazed that he could do something so wonderful for me. 

Tonight, after sharing some of my latest disillusionment and disappointment with my small group, I came home in anger and tears. I was once again devastated and broken. How could God let this happen? How can I go on? How can I keep doing this?

My husband held me for a bit, and then he went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I was still angry. That’s when God spoke those same words he’d said to me all those years ago…

My goal for your life is your good and my glory. 

By removing what you thought you wanted, I can make room for my best for you. 

I heard his voice loud and clear. Not audibly, but in my heart, which is somehow even louder. 

Do I want to sit here and trust God? No, not really. My sinful heart wants to worry and fret and strive desperately for control. But God is calling me to let him work his perfect plan. God is asking me to trust him and his will. God has something better even here that will surprise me and delight me and bring about my good and his glory… But it’s coming in his timing and not mine. 

I will trust the Lord for his best for me and those around me. Even here. Even now. 


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