Back to Blogging {A Basic Starter Kit}

As we welcome a new year, you may have goals to get back into blogging (like I did!), blog more often or increase your reach, or even start a blog for the first time!  I have compiled a list of basic, simple, easy necessities for you and me as we dive back into blogging together.

This post may contain affiliate links. If so, I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase at one of those links. As I am in the process of getting enough money together to be able to purchase my domain name and hosting for several years, your purchase really helps.

First things first… Content. It really is king. My goal for this blog is to engage and encourage young (and not-so-young!) women with practical advice, spiritual nourishment, and relevant content. I find my ideas from my own experiences and circumstances, as well as what God has been putting on my heart. I love BibleGateway for my faith-based posts.

After content, the other elements of blogging must be learned, but they aren’t quite as challenging as you’d think. These four guides can help us master the additional elements:

  • I love this free printable blog planner from A Virtuous Woman. It is so colorful and has many different printables as well as unique calendar tracking pages. Her Blog Post Planner page is one of my favorites.
  • This gorgeous and free blog planner from Jennifer Dawn is so pretty in pink. I love the Accounting page and the To Do page. Print as many as you need!
  • If you’re looking for a blog strategy planner, this guide with applicable questions from Create If Writing is spot-on! I’m looking forward to using this one in the upcoming future as I get my blog off the ground.
  • Building a Framework is an ebook and a collection of blog binder printables for new and established bloggers alike, and I cannot recommend it enough!  It was written by Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog who has grown her blog into a full-time business, so she really knows her stuff. The ebook contains a list with descriptions of the ten essential pieces your blog needs, examples of good content, an entire section devoted to how to take good-quality photos and make nice graphics, several chapters about how to use various forms of social media, and tons of legal ideas I never would have thought of. I highly recommend it! This is the ebook that got me back into blogging.

Blogs are not novels… They need pictures! I use stock photos from the free website Pixabay for most of my images. I also like Negative Space and Minimography. The resources at PicMonkey are very handy for editing photos, adding text, etc. I also love Canva, and I especially love that it has an app for when I’m on the go. Attractive and inexpensive graphics are not hard to find or make.

Last, but not least… hardware. I love my Logitech wireless optical mouse. It has a cute chevron pattern and is much better than the limited trackpad on my laptop. This mouse has lasted longer than any other wireless mouse I’ve used.

When I’m not taking notes in my blog planner or on my iPhone, I’m sketching out ideas in my spiral-bound notebook. My absolute favorite is this teal notebook with gold polka-dots from greenroom. Unfortunately, Greenroom Co. products are only available at Target. Do you see another Target run in your future, perhaps?

Maybe you’re a more established blogger. What advice do you have for me and fellow “new” bloggers? I also recommend Jump into Monday’s more exhaustive list if you’re ready for the next step.

Finally, while we’re talking about blogging, why don’t we connect in the social media sphere? Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest!


28 thoughts on “Back to Blogging {A Basic Starter Kit}

  1. Zee M. says:

    I love pixabay and canva! I use the free version of canva and it is very good. Pixabay seems to stock every photo under the sun and cannot figure out how it can be free.


  2. jim_burgoon says:

    I ejoyed this! I am developing a course for new bloggers. Help them get through all the frustrations I went through! Thank you for the great info. Also, I clicked through several other pages. You have a great blog!


      • jim_burgoon says:

        If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I love helping people reach their goals! (Sidenote: I have an affilate link to theme and hosting site 🙂 If you are interested. … But I think a lot of people have these now a days…:) ) …. You have great content … keep up the great work!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a great article and great advice! We purchased Abby’s Building a Framework as well and seriously loved it. Definitely want to check out Pixabay haven’t heard of that one before. Thanks so much for sharing all these tips!
    Amanda x


  4. Great list! I have been blogging since August but took the month of December off. I definitely need to invest in a new mouse as my one year old decided to bite the tread in the scrolling part on mine messing it up.


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