What are your Priorities? {2017}

Before we rang in 2017, I began to consider my OneWord for the new year. I have been writing about my OneWord every year since 2013, when God hammered the word GRACE into me like a nail driven hard into a piece of wood. That became the inspiration for this blog, and I find that God continues to demonstrate his grace upon grace in my often unknowingly legalism-prone heart.

I now find myself a new woman since 2013. I am married. I own a car. I have a full-time job. I rent a home with my husband. I pay my student loan bills (begrudgingly some  months). What could my OneWord be this year? What would I like to pursue and ask God to awaken in my heart and in my life in 2017?

I will start with a story. A couple days before the new year, I considered going back to the basics with my word for this year. With what could I fill my year, if not some foundational element of my life and of my faith? I considered my goal before all the other goals. We all have those fleeting goals: make the bed every morning, spend less time on Facebook, eat more healthily. But what is my foundational goal? In a sense: Why am I here?

My husband and I have been working through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God Day by Day on and off since we were dating. When we were long distance, we could read the day’s page to each other over the phone, and now that we’re married, we read the day’s page together before bed. I love that it has a section with blank lines to write your own thoughts and reflections. I typically start each of my reflections by writing the year, so we can look back over how we have processed the devotion each year.

As he read the page corresponding to that day (a couple days before the new year), my heart stirred.

The disciples were often preoccupied with how to meet their physical needs… Jesus repeatedly assured them that the Father knew their needs and would provide… Jesus stressed that their priority was to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”; the necessities of daily life would be provided (Matt 6:33).

“Seek first the kingdom of God…” Not second. Not seventh. Not seek the kingdom of God after you’ve managed your home. Not seek the kingdom of God after you’ve paid off your debt.


Seek first the kingdom of God.


This is where I will be planting my tree this year. This is where my roots will go deep. What does he mean with words like kingdom and righteousness? Is he serious that earthly needs will be provided? Just like that? Here I will dig. Here I will research, both in mind and in heart. Here I will camp out. Here I will pray. Here I will place my priority.

Would you like to join me as my roots grow deep in seeking Him first? What is your OneWord for 2017?

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