6 Things We Just Don’t Buy

With a wedding behind us, student loan payments now, and a family in the future, the husband and I are looking for ways to save money, make money, and spend less. This post is part one of a four part series on living frugally after the altar.


{This post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products I use and love.}

The number one way to save money is to buy less, with the exception of buying items in bulk. The following items are things we just don’t buy, even in bulk, even on sale.

Flavored Coffee Creamer

I have sugar and half-and-half. I really do not need fancy flavored coffee creamers. Half-and-half is so cheap, and I could use regular milk or whipping cream if we had either of those on hand instead. Likewise, we don’t buy fancy coffee unless we have giftcards. $7 for a cup of joe is way too much, in my opinion.

Soft Drinks

Here in the south, we call any carbonated soft drinks “Coke.” Regardless of what you call them, we don’t buy them. I buy milk every other week, plus the occasional 100% juice or sports drink if I have coupon and/or its on sale. This means that I do not buy soda to keep at home in the fridge. In addition, we drink water when we go out to eat instead of coke. (Occasionally my husband will splurge on a sweet tea.)

Bottled Waters

We also do not buy bottled waters. Our water filter is excellent, and we use it to fill reusable water bottles. We use an in-fridge PUR 18 Cup Filter & Dispenser and love it.

Sweets and Candy

We save candy and other sweets for special occasions. Since we are both teachers, we often get candy and goodies as Christmas or End-of-the-Year gifts. This means that I don’t have to buy it myself! Also, I love baking, and baking your own goodies is a lot cheaper than buying them.


We do not have memberships at gyms, warehouse stores, co-ops, organizations, aquariums/zoos/museums, or timeshares. However, we do have a Netflix account ($8 a month) and I do have a monthly magazine subscription (I paid $5 for the year!). I exercise at home with free YouTube yoga/pilates videos and walks around the neighborhood. We opt for free entertainment whenever possible. When we were getting married, we canceled all of our subscriptions and memberships, except for Netflix, and we reevaluated where our money was going. This has helped tremendously in getting us set up as a newly married couple.

Organic Everything

I love eating organic. I really do. However, it really only counts with certain food items, such as the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables, as well as some meat products. It’s really unnecessary for everything in my fridge and pantry to be “all-natural,” especially with the hefty price tag.

Stay tuned next Monday for the second post in the series! What do you just not buy?


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